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Hi girls! Cold weather, dry air, the sun, the heat of styling tools and blow drying can really damage your beautiful hair. That is why we are going to share three amazing DIY hair masks with you. These hair masks are super easy to make, eco friendly, and you can do it at home! It is very important to give your hair some extra attention now and then. After using these hair masks your hair will feel soft and shiny again!

1 Hair repair mask

Most of the ingredients that you need are already in your kitchen! To improve the strength of your hair, we add avocado to our mask. Avocado has plenty of vitamin B which also helps growing your hair. To restore dry and damaged hair use a whole avocado, a spoon of coconut oil and a spoon of honey. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and stir it well until it becomes even and smooth. Apply the mixed ingredients to your hair and wash it out after a while. Leave the mask in for at least 10 minutes and as long as you prefer. Your hair will smell amazing and looks gorgeous again!

2. No more dryness, hydration mask.

Does your hair look a little dry? Give it some hydration with this mask to restore dullness and dryness! With these DIY hair masks you don’t need to pay tons of money for pricey masks to restore your damaged strands. For this mask you only need two ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar. Olive oil is known as the best way to restore the hydration in your hair and it works on every hair type. Use between one or two tablespoons, this will cover all your hair. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the olive oil. Brown sugar is a great exfoliant for the hair that helps get rid of dead skin cells from your scalp and any other leftover residue that has been buildup on your hair. Who knew this sweet baking ingredient was the key to healthier hair? Apply this mask to your hair from top to bottom, let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out.

3 Anti frizz hair mask

This mask will help eliminate annoying frizz. What you need is a banana, yoghurt and honey. Bananas are full of natural oils, potassium, carbohydrates and vitamins. A banana helps to lock in moisture, just like a conditioner. Yogurt has high levels of lactic acid, which helps treat dull and damaged hair, so this ingredient is a must. Add a whole mashed banana to a bowl, add two tablespoons of yoghurt and one tablespoon of honey. Blend all the ingredients together and add the mixture to damp hair. Tie your hair up and cover with a shower cap. Leave this mask in for 30-45 minutes and wash it out with your regular shampoo. After showering you frizz is gone, hello beautiful hair!


You can add some drops of lavender oil to each hair mask. The lavender oil will add a nice scent to the masks, this scent is also used in a lot of parfumes. This way you can give a nice scent to your homemade mask in a natural way. Lavender oil can also help you relax and improve you sleep!

We hope we inspired you this week with our hair masks to reach your healthy hair goals! Have fun making these masks at home girls!

Much love, Team MOOST Wanted


Picture credits: https://nl.pinterest.com