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Stay home, safe lives! In order to ensure that as few people as possible become victims of the coronavirus, we need to go into home isolation and put our social life on the back burner, sadly. But how do we make the best of it? We will give you 5 tips with activities to do, so you won’t get bored and use your time well.

1. Not running a marathon, but watching a marathon

Now that you have plenty of time, you can finally bingewatch that one serie. Or maybe it’s fun to hold a movie marathon. You don’t have to do this alone, do it with friends or family. Of course not in the same room but at the other side of the webcam. Order your favorite meal at your fave restaurant and curl up under a blanket. This way you’ll get through your day easily.

  1. Get that ass moving

Not a huge fan of running? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bootcamp or go to the gym right now but there are many lessons and workouts you can follow online. Not ideal but certainly the best alternative for now and by spending half an hour or an hour a day, you feel a lot better, fitter and happier. Have you always dreamed of a bigger booty? Do something about it!  Follow regularly booty workouts. You want to lose a few pounds before summer? Do a high intensive interval (HITT) workout. Try and challenge yourself and set a goal for yourself. This way you make sure you remain motivated.

 In addition to workouts, you can also try yoga sessions. Yoga is a nice and good way to keep your body strong. Beside the fact that it really is fun to do, it also has a lot of other advantages:

  • Yoga reduces stress: the relaxation exercises release less of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.
  • Yoga ensures lower blood pressure, improves digestion and increases immune system.
  • Yoga helps to combat anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia
  • Yoga can help relieve pain.
  • Yoga improves lung function and increases the amount of oxygen in the body.
  • Yoga makes you more flexible
  • Yoga strengthens your muscles
  • Yoga can help to maintain body weight
  • Yoga improves circulation
  • Yoga provides more stamina
  • Yoga helps you focus on the here and now
  • Yoga can provide inner peace (through the meditative aspect)

There are different types of yoga with different goals and different intensities. Why don’t you try and dive into one of them to find out which one suits you. Various yoga exercises or sessions videos can be found online.

  1. Get smarter: self-development

Spend some time on self-development. Learn more about that one topic you always were dying to know more about. Watch tutorials on YouTube or listen to podcasts that make you smarter, challenge your brain! Example; you know a thing or two about Photography but you have still room for improvement in Photoshop. Then use this time to dive into this, like watching all these educational and fun tutorials. All available on relevant topics and different levels.

  1. Give some attention to your home

Do the chores you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time. Or let your creative side out and take this opportunity to make some fresh and new executive decisions for your living space. Move things around, play with your decor, give things a spring new feeling! It’s so fun to see what some small changes in the house can do. Some paint left? Give a wall a different color. Or maybe you have many nice pictures stored somewhere far behind in the closet. Now’s the time to hang them up nicely somewhere were people can see them. Or even more fun, inside the closet! This way you will feel extra cheerful when you open your closet in the morning. And perhaps not the most fun part but you know there are always things that need that cleaning you have postponed for so long. Go do that.  A clean house is a clean mind….

5. Become a kitchen princess

 Whatever’s on the menu, nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen after a full working day (even a working from home working day). If you don’t want to order in again, why not try to get simple recipes online, shop for your ingredients and go give it a try. You never know, you may discover your new talent?  If you are the lucky one with some more time on your hands, find that special recipe online and bake that perfect cake you always have been wanting to bake. Maybe this cake will turn out super insta worthy! Share your results with family and friends. And don’t forget to put a piece in front of Grandma’s door!

Credits photos: Pinterest