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Hi girls! The whole social distancing is getting better and better, yeey! But it’s not completely normal yet. So we came up with some really fun summer activities, that will keep you busy and very happy. Take the matters in your own hand and have some fun!

1. Camp out in the backyard.

Most of our summer plans are cancelled… So why don’t take a mini break in your own backyard. Invite one of your besties and go on your fun adventure in your backyard! Make your own marshmallows, sleep in a tent and watch a lot of classic movies. It is really fun and maybe you will become closer than ever with your friends.

2. Make your own movie theater

Wanna watch a movie at the theater, but you can’t go or don’t want to go? Bring the theater to your own house! Turn your whole Livingroom in to a theater. Make your couch really cosy with blankets. Then bring out all the snacks, think about popcorn, nachos, chocolate – nothing is too crazy! Invite three of your friends and watch a movie together, like pretty woman or the notebook…

3. Give yourself a fun manicure

It is time to give your nails some fun! However the nail salons are open you can still take matters in your own hand and make fun creatures. Watch videos on how to make cute but simple nail designs and start doing it. Make yourself a pro at doing your own nails. It is super fun and it saves you some money!

4. Finish the perfect summer read

Continuing to develop yourself is very important. So pick out a good book about self-education and try to learn more about yourself and the people around you. You will love it when you discover more things about your own behavior.

5. Go stargazing

Go outside on a beautiful night, lay down and just watch the stars. It will make you feel calm. You will see the most beautiful stars and it will make you feel happy and blessed.

Fun fact: If you see a lot of stars at one night, it means that the weather will be good the next day. So than you are double lucky!

I hope that these summer activities have made you come up with some fun ideas! So girls keep busy and always educate yourself now it can!


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