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 8 beauty products that you should not miss in your beauty stash this summer:

A good sunscreen 

Live, laugh, wear sunscreen.

The usage of a good sunscreen naturally sounds very obvious, but the fact is that not everyone is using a good sunscreen. Even if you have a skin type that does not get burned quickly, it is still important to apply sunscreen several times a day. Some real good sunscreen brands are Lancaster and Luxury. These sunscreens not only protect you perfectly against sunburns, they also smell super delicious. If you want to go for a 100% natural variant, there is a very nice sunscreen from SIMPLE as that.

Secondly, a special sunscreen for your face is really important. Sunscreens developed for the body are not automatically equally good for facial usage. It is often better to buy a separate sunscreen for your face. Face sunscreens have different more sensitive ingredients than the ones you use for your body, they moisturize your skin and prevent you from getting pimples.


A good after sun


After enjoying your sunbath to the fullest, it is a must to apply an after-sun cream. This is not just necessary when you have burns, it is always good to moisturize and cool down your skin after your skin has been exposed to severe sunlight for hours in a row. Furthermore,

after-sun creams ensure a longer lasting tan, and let’s be honest, we all want that! Brands with good after-sun creams are Lancaster, Clinique and Rituals. After-sun cream from La Roche-Posay is a good product for a more sensitive skin.


Sun protection for hair and scalp


Many people forget it, sun protection for your hair and scalp. Maybe not the first thing on your mind but still very important. Your hair can get very dry from sun, chlorine and saltwater. Good protection restores and sublimates the hair fiber and ensures that the hair remains hydrated and soft. Rituals and Luxe sell very good sun protection for hair and scalp and again, the scent is wonderful. When you wave your hair, you can smell the summer!

A good lip balm


Another product that should be on your sunbathing list, lip balm. Lip balms do not only provide kissable lips, it can also be very functional.  Often after a good sun session, the lips can feel very dry and you can even get burned lips. Therefor it is important to offer your lips necessary protection and hydration. Always wear a lip balm with sun protection in it while sunbathing. There are many brands of lip balms with protection which are not necessarily expensive. Think of HEMA or Kruidvat. My personal favorite is from the Loveli brand, this balm gives a nice summery touch on the lips and offers good protection.


Face wash


When it comes to cleaning your face, note that in summertime it is extremely important to wash the sunscreen off your face after sunbathing. Wash your face and use a good mild lotion, after that you can apply your day (or night) cream. This way you keep your pores clean.

Waterproof mascara

 Just lash it!

 It is always nice to go through summer with a natural look. Still, it is sometimes nice to bring a bit more definition to your face. Mascara is the perfect product for that. In the summer it can be nice to have a waterproof mascara at home, especially if you are a frenetic water lover. You want the mascara to sit perfectly but you also want to remove it easily.

 A few nice waterproof mascara tips for you:


– Clinique Black High Impact Waterproof mascara

– Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara

– Lancôme Noir Hypnose Waterproof mascara




A good scrub for both face and body should definitely be a part of your list of summer beauty products. We all want to tan without damaging our skin and we want to tan evenly. A scrub ensures that your skin is clean where It removes all dead skin cells upfront which makes the skin easy to tan evenly. A scrub also cleans the pores, this way your skin is can easily absorb care products that you use after sunbathing. Scrub creams by Rituals, Collistar and Eco Tan are highly recommended.


Nail polish

 Nail polish speaks louder than words!

 When the sun shines, your feet are exposed again. A good reason to give your nails a nice color. Nowadays you have nail polish in every imaginable color. Do you want to match your nails with your outfit? Go right ahead. Do you prefer pastel shades? Or striking colours? Everything is possible!  Our favorite nail polish brands are OPI and Essie. These brands have a broad variety of colors and just as important, they last very well.


PS: Don’t forget to have a look at nourished.nl. They sell all sorts of fantastic beauty products that are vegan, animal-friendly and 100% natural.

Much love, 

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