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Hi girls! In this blog we are going to take you guys on a journey with us. We are going to give you a sneak peek of our new collection and show you behind the scenes. The new collection will drop next week very soon so be prepared! We are super excited about this fall/winter collection and we can’t wait to share these amazing new items that we have created for you. Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scene at a photoshoot? Then read on!

Meet the team! For our campaign shoot we are working with the photographer Jasper Suyk and with our videographer Alaïa Fonk. They are the best and they know very well how to work with our specific style. We are super proud of our beautiful models Teddy Joliek and stunning Fenna Ricken. We are working with these amazing models this season for the fall/winter campaign. Celine Hartwich and Carmen Mulder are making sure the styling is OK and that everything goes well according to the plan. Wieteke Konings and Cecile Bok takes care of the behind the scenes and she took over the social media accounts on this day.



For every shoot we look for very special locations. For the upcoming collection we were staying at Bergvliet Villa’s, located in Oosterhout. This park has lots of beautiful natural surroundings which suits very well with our brand MOOST Wanted. We held out photoshoots at various locations that week. We also went to Breda, Gouda and Roosendaal to shoot the fall/winter campaign with our team.

When we have a photoshoot planned, we work with various other brands to create a finished look. We often work with Bronx, they make sure that our outfit is complete with their beautiful shoes. Bronx is a brand that likes to create confidence and happiness and that really appeals to us!  

Another brand we love to work with is Old Habits Die Hard. This amazing brand is founded in Amsterdam just like MOOST Wanted. Old Habits Die Hard mainly focusses on headwear. They have multiple colored hats and caps and we love them! These beautiful hats add the final finishing touch to our outfits!

This season we also collaborate with Saarlooswolfhonden and aren’t they adorable! These dogs where doing amazing during the photoshoots. We made a lot of cute photographs with the dogs in our upcoming campaign. The Saarlooswolfdog is a wolf dog breed bred by Leendert Saarloos, which originated from wolf-dog hybrids. These dogs really fit well with our brand because they are super unique and gorgeous.

We are so happy to be able to shoot with beautiful animals. The horses we shoot with belong to Alaïa Fonk, our videographer. We were super happy that she took the horses to are campaign shoot. This really gave a natural vibe where we aim for. 

We hope you got a nice view behind the scene and stay tuned for the upcoming collection!

Much love,

Team MOOST Wanted