Quispmaster March 11, 2016 @ 11:38PM

Winner Instagram giveaway

Thanks again to all my lovely friends on my Instagram account. You make me feel really special. I saw so many kind comments about my new collection! Thank you again! The winner of this giveaway is: (drums drums) Jaimy Kisters. For all of you I have to disappoint, my...

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and the winner is..

First of all thank you. You have no idea how happy it makes me after scrolling through Facebook and seeing my picture so many times. I really really appreciate that. Besides that all the kind messages I received after showing my collection. Thank you! But now, who is...

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Part 2: And the winners are..

604 x THANK YOU!!! Wauw maar liefst 604 x gedeeld! Weet je hoe trots mij dit maakt.. Ik zit op dit moment met een grote smile achter mijn computer, jullie onwijs bedankt.. 🙂 Maar goed, waar jullie natuurlijk allemaal voor komen.. Wie heeft een outfit naar keuze...

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And the winner is..

I have red so many kind words. And this was for sure the best win challenge we have ever did.:) Wauw. It took me really long to decide who will win this challenge. But after reading this comment I had to pick her. Sorry guys this is the quote in Dutch: "Als je het...

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MOOST Wanted Spring / Summer Collection 2016

Free Spirit This year I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams, MOOST wanted is not anymore a jewelry brand, it's s a lifestyle. With the realization of the clothing collection it is now possible to wear MOOST wanted from top to toe. For this season’s shoot we went to...

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