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In this blog we are going to inspire you with bohemian bedroom ideas, so you can create your dream bedroom a littlebit easier. A bohemian lifestyle is really what reflects our brand MOOST Wanted. We love the aspects of freedom, creativity nature, art, freedom, power and adventures that comes with this style. This is truly what represents us and we want you to experience these bohemian vibes too!

Where to start? Use a lot of soft materials in your room, you nailed it if you want to jump right into your cozy bed! It is very important to stick to one color and to use different shades of that color into your room. This gives a really peaceful look and it is very appealing to the eye. We love earthy and natural colors like green, brown, bronze, copper, beige and white. Finish it off with a rug that has a beautiful pattern or print, which is large enough to cover the majority of the bedroomfloor.

What really gives your bedroom a bohemian feeling are natural elements from outside that are brought into the room. Pampas grass is something MOOST Wanted uses a lot to give a dreamy and natural vibe to a room. These accessories definitely bring more ambiance to a place where they are put. Different types of wood also work really well if you like to create a bohemian vibe in a room. You can mix and match a bed made of beautiful rustic wood with less rustic furniture like rotan nightstands, rotan chairs and rotan dressers for example.

When choosing a color for on your wall, think neutral, warm and inviting. Colors like taupe, rust or cream are good options for your bohemian bedroom. A simple backdrop will work as a canvas to decorate the rest of the room with bold bohemian wall art, small tapestries and plants. You can also choose a wallpaper with colorful flowers or a bold metallic patter and keep the rest of your room more neutral.  

Make it fun and fill your bedroom with treasures from unforgettable adventures. Creating a bohemian bedroom can turn your space into a relaxing retreat that feels like escaping to a world away. Try to place as much fresh greenery into your bedroom for a natural vibe. Place small potted plants on your nightstand on each side of the bed. You can also try hanging plants above your bed or place them on a shelf. Plants go really well with rustic woods and carpets with patterns.

A big ingredient in the boho chic recipe is staying low key and grounded, which you can accomplish if you look for the right basket chair or pouf. It is very easy to extend this style to the kids room, this causes the same atmosphere everywhere in the house. In a bohemian room, every piece in the space should have a story behind it. Have fun playing around with the Bohemian style! We hope we inspired you to create a beautiful bedroom and experience the bohemian vibes at your own house.

Much love,

Team MOOST Wanted

picture credits: https://nl.pinterest.com