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Hi Girls! We are in love with bohemian hairstyles. We asked gorgeous Lauren van Sam to think about a bohemian hairstyle which you can make at home! We really love her style and have you seen her hair?! It is amazing. Down below she shows how to transform your hair in a few easy steps to create this amazing look.

What we love about these hairstyles is that they can be worn in many different ways. Furthermore, everyone can rock these kinds of looks. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair and have curly or straight hair. Be creative and give your own personal twist to your hair! Keep it simple or go for a more challenging hairdo. We selected a few more hairstyles that we fell in love with. 


We love an easy hairstyle so much, because you can quickly create a sexy and edgy look. It is important that the braids don’t look too perfectly styled. Make it messy, this gives a personal twist and it adds a lot of character to the look. 

The variations in bohemian hairstyles are endless, just style your hair the way you like it!  We hope you got excited to try out one of these amazing bohemian hairstyles!

With love,

MOOST Wanted

Credits: @laurenvansam and Pinterest