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There are many different interior designs that you could choose to bring into your home. So many in fact that there is one to satisfy each individual’s personal style. In recent years, bohemian interior design has become one of the biggest trends in the industry and we love that! This blog will be about boho decor and how you can easily bring this eccentric style into your living space. Are you ready to be inspired?

MOOST Wanted is the epiphany of bohemian design because we believe it truly reflects our brand’s identity. We incorporate this particular style in every aspect of our brand, including our clothing and jewerly designs, as well as our setting for photoshoots and campaigns. There are many things that come to mind when we think of this type of interior. The term “bohemian” refers to a person or object that is perceived as unconventional and is often involved in the artistic sector of the industry. People who choose this particular style for their decor often aim to be as original and unique as possible, which isn’t hard to do considering the fact that there are no set rules on how to create this vibe. And that is why we love the term “bohemian”. 

This creative style is quite unique yet easily recognisable due to it’s specific features. That’s why it’s important to define its characteristics to understand how to create such a vibe. Bohemian interior is typically a combination of multi patterns, textures and a set colour scheme. Contrast is key when it comes to mastering the bohemian vibe. Layering accessories with different textures and prints is the easiest way to bring depth to a basic area. Combining different patterns is great as long as it is done using a consistent colours to prevent your area from looking messy. Most commonly, the interior will contain warm, earthy colours with hues of green, blue, and orange along with metallics. And we all know MOOST Wanted loves her earthy tones. The bohemian style is known to create a relaxing atmosphere and serves as a space for visual creativity.

A popular bohemian trend is to focus on bringing outside elements into your home. One example is furniture and decor made out of wood. This is a feature you will almost certainly find in a bohemian inspired home. At our office you can definitely find some wood decor. Another trend are plants, I mean who doesn’t love gorgeous plants?! A botanical presence allows for a comfortable and grounded atmosphere. One particular plant that has become a major interior trend are cacti. You may think that cacti are specific to the millennial generation, however they are popular for good reason. These prickly plants are easy to style in combination with other decor, require little to no maintenance and bring life into your home. Bohemian interior design is all about abstinence from minimalism.

It is important to try new concepts and understand what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to design. The last and probably most important tip we have to offer is to have fun playing around with this trend as there are absolutely no boundaries. Remember to always stay true to your own personal style. We hope we inspired you to try the bohemian vibe at home.