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Are you ready to create your own crop hoodie?  

What you’ll need

Moostwanted Eagle Hoodie T-shirt Dress

A good scissor


Right-angled object for measuring

How to DIY:

  1. Lay down the hoodie on a table and make sure the back and front is fitting pertfectly on each other. You want to prevent the back getting shorter than the front.
  2. Put the measure-tape under the sleeve. You can decide the length of the top all by yourself. We took 22cm which is a really good length!
  3. Make a little cut at the measured point. So for us, it’s 22cm

4. Now it’s time for the other side of the hoodie. Put the measure-tape under the armpit again and measure the same length as you did on the other side

5. Make a little cut at the measured point

6. Mark with a pencil a straight line from side to side. Optional: you can use a ruler to make sure it’s right-angled.


7. Cut, side to side, over the straight-line with your scissor and… tadaaaaa


8. You’re ready to rock with your new DIY hoodie!

We’ve also posted a story about our DIY project! Just go to our Instagram and you’ll see the story between our highlights. We hope you liked this DIY as much as we do. If you’re also creating one by yourself, we’d love to see this so tag and mention us in your posts or story girls! @moostwanted or #moostwanted


Lots of love,

Our team