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Hi Girls! Are you ready to treat yourself with this amazing DIY face mask made by Nathalie Kemna. She is all about self care and make yourself happy. We live in a crazy world right now and it is time to transform and connect with yourself. It is time to rise and be the best version of yourself. 


Just enjoy and relax. It is time for some selflove.


  • Coconut oil
  • Raw cacoa
  • Rose petals
  • Coffee
  • Oats

Nathalie Kemna: “Surrendering to this journey called life. More than ever i’m going through all kind of emotions within this time of self isolation. It’s a beautiful time to go inwards, work on your shadow work and to fully commit to yourself. Letting it all in, riding the waves of life and taking the time and space to process, to release and grow. Accepting and embracing this journey as it is making you stronger. Just breathe in – surrender – and breathe out – release – life is beautiful.”

We hoped we inspired you in taking time for yourself and make yourself happy!

Lots of love,

MOOST Wanted