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Hi There! One of our colleagues has been super creative at home lately. She made cute rainbows which you can put on the table or hang on the wall. We think rainbows are super cute and it is so much fun to make them, therefore we would like to show you how you guys can do this at home in 10 steps.

What do you need?

– A Cotton rope. Janna used a 08 MM & 14MM, you can find it here; https://bit.ly/3fHepNL

– Different colors of robe for your rainbow, (Janna got hers from: https://sostrenegrene.com/nl/producten/garen )

– Glue pistol (https://bit.ly/3fMigc9)

– Wire ( you can buy that at a construction market)

– A scissor

– Tape

– A Pincer

Let’s make a Rainbow! Step 1: Put the rope in a rainbow shape. Step 2: Take the tape and attach it to the place on the rope where you want to cut it. Make sure you put the tape on both sides. Step 3: Make sure you have 3 strings after cutting it.

Step 4: Now it’s time to pick a color for each string. YEEY!
Step 5: After you chose your colors it time to cut the wire. It is important that you cut the wire smaller than the rope.
Step 6: Use some tape to attach the rope to the wire.

Step 7 : Start to wrap the colored rope around the cotton rope.
step 8 : Use a glue pistol at the beginning and the end of the rope to make sure that the rope is stuck.
Step 9: You can now glu all the ropes together to create your rainbow!

Step 10: Cut the bottom so it will look like a cute rainbow.  After that, the rainbow is done! You did it!



This was our first DIY blog. We hope you liked it!
Enjoy creating your own cute rainbow decoration.

We would love to do some more DIY blogs, do you have any ideas about what we have tot do next? Let us know!



Much love,

Team MOOST wanted