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We would like to share some tips for keeping your jewelry always pretty. These tips are not only applicable to our jewelry, but also to others.

Avoid heat sources

Such as heating, hair dryer and direct sunlight. It could cause your jewelry to discolor. If you already have some jewelry which are discolored, you can polish it with a woolen cloth or a special silver polishing cloth. You can buy these cloths at almost every drugstore.

Be careful with moisture

Never go swimming with your jewelry or take a shower or bath with it. Avoid getting jewelry wet. You don’t want to get your jewelry tarnished. Also be careful with applying sunscreen. Your jewelry will get at least one coat of it, which will kill its shine and make it dewy.

Be careful with parfume

Do not let your jewelry come in full contact with parfume, soap or hairspray. It will give the jewelry a dull effect.

Store them on a soft surface

This is very important because you’ll prevent that your jewelry will damage. Also store the jewelry separately. The best thing to keep them in good condition is by storing them on a jewelry display stand. Or store them in a soft box.

Store your jewelry in a dark place

Use a jewelry box on bag to prevent damage and exposure to sunlight.

We hope these tips will be useful! If you want to shop our jewelry, chick here.

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