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Hi girls! It is almost the V-Day! Are you looking for some inspiration for the day of love? Here you will find lots of ideas for gifts or activities to do with your boyfriend, wife, mother or sister. These ideas will help you to give them a nice Valentine’s day. On February 14, your valentine deserves to be put in the spotlight. Surprise your loved one with our tips. We help you to make it a loving Valentine’s Day!

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1. Valentine’s gift
Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a traditional way? Just send a sweet Valentine’s card to your loved one! Choose a beautiful romantic card, add a nice picture and write a sweet valentine text on it. You can add a nice gift to your card. For example: choose a bottle of beer or wine or buy some delicious heart bonbons.

You could also go for a not so traditional gift! During V-DAY it is time to surprise your hubby, ladies! So get yourself a beautiful bralette from our collection, put it on and he will be yours all day long. Or show our website to him and let him buy ir for you :)!  Oh and girls, this week our lingerie and jewelry has 20% discount!!

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2. Romantic dinner at home
You have probably ordered food before, but we think that you can do this even more romantically. Get a nice tablecloth, possibly some rose petals and a few candles will do the trick! Time to pour your favorite drink and order something tasty. Add some music to it and you are ready to have a wonderful evening.

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3. An overnight stay in your own city or country.
Although traveling abroad is not recommended, it is possible to explore your own country. How about a weekend in Scheveningen, you are in no time on the beach. You could also go somewhere to enjoy the nature and also get some luxury! Go for a stay in an amazing tree house in Drenthe is definitely recommended!

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4. Salsa night

Dancing is a great excuse to get close and intimate with someone you love. Dress up, put on some romantic music and turn the room into a ballroom! Can’t both of you dance? Just find an instructional video on Youtube and even practice together. Fun and pleasure guaranteed!

We hope that we have inspired you with these ideas to have an amazing valentine’s day. 

Much love,
MOOST Wanted


09 February 2021
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