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No inspiration for Instagram photos? We are here to help you!

Hack 1: Animals always do well in photos

If we see a photo with a dog in it, we like this photo immediately. It’s so cute and it will make your photos stand out. For our Fall/Winter 2020 Collection we collaborate with Saarlooswolfhonden. These dogs did amazing in our photos and they were so adorable. We also shot some photos with a beautiful white horse. Those photos are breathtaking and really gave a natural vibe.

Hack 2: From behind

This pose is perfect if you are surrounded in a beautiful setting. Put on a nice outfit, a special hair look and you are ready to go. This photo is perfect if you don’t feel like doing your make-up, but you still want a nice photo on the gram.

Hack 3: Coffee and food

Have a cup of coffee in your hand and you are good to go. This will make your photo even more fun! It’s also very nice if there is food in your photo, like fast-food, a nice lunch or sweets. You can also take a nice flat lay photo of your food, if you don’t feel like taking a photo of yourself but you have an Instagrammable lunch in front of you. Go get them likes girls!

Hack 4: Polaroid photos

Do you want something different than just a photo with your phone? A polaroid photo is what you are looking for.

You don’t have a polaroid camera? No worries! There are many apps where it looks like the photo was shot with a polaroid camera. How to create these fake polaroid photos? Go to Dazz cam – Vintage Camera & 3D or Unfold in the app store and try it out yourself.

Hack 5: Sunglasses

Add some spice to your photo by putting on your coolest sunglasses. The bigger the better! Super easy if you haven’t had time to do your make-up. When the sun isn’t shining, it’s allowed to put on your sunglasses. Even indoors you can put on your sunglasses like Salomé Esther rocks this photo with her Meller sunglasses. We absolutely love it!

Much love, MOOST Wanted