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Hi girls! Have you ever wondered who is working at the brand Moost Wanted? We have a fabulous team working for us at the headquarters in Amsterdam. We are a very close and small team! Read on quickly because in this blog you will meet each person in our team!

The founder of Moost Wanted – Marinka Oostveen

 She started her own brand Moost Wanted in 2012. It all started with the famous Moost Wanted jewelry and later she added fashion to the collection. At that time when she started her own brand, she lived in San Francisco. The creative vibe of the city inspired her so much that she started her own dream back home in Amsterdam. She loves traveling the world to learn more about fashion and finding the most authentic and unique pieces. We can say it has been a great and inspiring journey thus far. MOOST Wanted still has lots of dreams to accomplish and we hope you are with us during every step we take. Her favourite item from Moost Wanted are the well-known coin belts. You can wear them as a belt or as a necklace. They are super unique, and they complete every outfit!

Marketing Manager – Celine Hartwich

Celine is our marketing tiger! She keeps an eye on everything so that everything runs smoothly. She is also responsible for the administration of Moost Wanted and the sales. When she keeps track of the sales, she looks at which items are sold best and which are the most popular. Also, she is in contact with our agent. Our agent Vivienne visits shops and boutiques with our new collections. Besides doing all this, Celine is also an internship supervisor for the Moost wanted interns. Her favourite items is the Poëts top, because it is sexy and cute at the same time. It is an item you have never seen before and that makes it unique.

Design/product Manager – Carmen Mulder

Carmen is the creative spirit of the company. She designs all of our beautiful items herself every season. Her creative mind is so essential for Moost Wanted! Her desk on the other hand, is always a mess! Here you can find pieces of fabric in every color and lots of samples. She often travels to different countries in the world. This way she she gets lots of inspiration for upcoming collections. She also visits all of our factories to make sure everything goes well. When MOOST Wanted is having a photoshoot she takes care of the styling. She always make sure that the different items are correctly styled on the models. Her favourite this season is the the complete white set ( the Fierce set with the ayla vest and maeve scarf). She finds winter white fantastic and this set is super comfortable and you still look lovely at the same time.

Photographer – Wieteke Konings

If you ever wonder who takes all the behind-the-scene pictures, it is Wieteke! She is super creative and she takes lots of photo’s for Moost Wanted! You might recognize her from our Instagram stories! She does lots of live sessions where she styles all of our items together. She also just started her own company the Lioness Agency! Here she creates content at the most magical places around the world. You can find her on instagram or her website and book your own customized shoot! The Fierce Knitted Pants is her favourite items from the collection. It’s comfy and you can wear it with an edgy t-shirt or with a sexy bralette. Easy to wear and perfect for shooting days!

Operational Director – Janna Rood

There is no party without Janna! She is the one who organizes all of our events. Moost Wanted can often be found on many events, like festivals. Janna is the one who takes care of all this. Also, she arranges all of our photoshoots and she makes sure we have the most beautiful location! In addition to all that, she also arranges all the backoffice requirements for all the employees of the company. She is also one of the first Mommys of our team! Her most loved item out of the collection is the Loïs knitted top. When she wears this top, she feels sexy and she immediately feels like going for a night out with her friends!

All-round Intern – Julia Kremers

When you send us a mail or ring us up, big chance that you will speak to Julia on the phone! She takes care of the customer service! She loves to help everyone out and makes sure all our customers are happy! Have you ever wondered why our website look so good? Julia ensures that all products are beautifully displayed so you can enjoy your shopping! Every week we change the home page of the Moost Wanted website. She also loves to help out styling items for making new content! Her most loved item from this collection is the Gina wrap top in the color Stone Grey.

Marketing and PR Intern – Laura Schreppers

Everything you see on social media is posted by Laura! She makes sure the right items are promoted on the right time! Every week she designs a new newsletter for our customers, and she writes the weekly blog on the Moost Wanted website. She loves to be creative and has lots of inspiration. Also, she is responsible for the Personal Relations. When Moost Wanted has a new collection coming, she contacts multiple influencers for collaborations with us. When you return your items you ordered, she ensures that everything is taken care of. Her favourite item this season is the Isabel knitted dress. This sexy dress can be worn super chic and has a nice basic color that goes with everything!

We hope you got to know our team a bit better!

Much love,

Team MOOST Wanted