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Modefabriek is bi-annual fashion trade event based in Amsterdam that lasts two days. It started in 1996 as a small network event for brands to familiarise themselves within the industry. One exhibition will take place in the beginning of the year so that brands are able to present Spring/Summer collections in that year or the Fall/Winter collection for next year. Whist the second exhibition takes place towards the end of the year for the Fall/Winter collections for that year or the Spring/Summer collection for next year. Each brand represents themselves in the form of a booth that they are allowed to transform into their own aesthetic. It has evolved tremendously over the years to a mix of different brands, presentations, expositions, stores, inspiring talks and entertainment.

This is the second year that MOOST Wanted is offered a spot at the Modefabriek. Since there are over a hundred different brands representing themselves as valuable in the current fashion industry, we feel this event is an important opportunity for our developing brand to gain exposure. There exists such a diversity amongst all the brands that we are able to set our label apart with our unique bohemian festival aesthetic. The range of clothing samples we are presenting in our stand is a combination of the upcoming summer collection and some of our favourite oldies. 

Moostwanted collaborates with Dutch fashion agency Vivienne H. Modeagenturen, because they have expertise in the field of the buyers process with other stores. Potential buyers are able to place orders through this agency if they are interested in our product range and wish to collaborate with our brand.

Modefabriek is a great opportunity for networking with other fashion labels and brand exposure. Through these events we are able to develop and grow into the brand we envision. The competition is fierce and the Modefabriek represents some of the biggest designers in the world. We are therefore extremely proud to be able to be a part of this event as an ever evolving business. 

Are you ready for a little sneekpeak?!