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Hi girls! We are very excited because our first MOOST Wanted Instagram sale is here! We will sell clothes and jewelry from old collections for very low prices. It’s time to revive these items!

Game rules:

– The closet sale is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

– If you want to buy an item, respond to the question sticker ‘Sold’ and mention your address so we can ship it to you.

– Ones you responded, you have one hour to complete the payment. If you don’t complete the payment within 1 hour, we have to sell the item to someone else.

– All prices include shipping costs.

– The items can’t be exchanged or returned.

Is there something wrong with the items? Well, some of the items have a small damage. We will show and mention the damage in the story. Some items have been used in shoots or events by the models or employees.

We think it is a shame to throw away clothes. Did you know that we throw about 145 million kilos of clothing with residual waste every year? That’s way too much! If there are still items left, we take them to the clothes chamber.

Did you miss our Instagram Sale? No worries! We made a highlight on Instagram, where you can find items that are still available. Oh, and girls did you already hear of the app Vinted? You can find us on Vinted if you search for the name: moost_wanted. The items on Vinted have a very minor damage, which we will show you on the picture of the item.

 We want to make sure that MOOST Wanted is affordable for everyone!

Much love,

MOOST Wanted