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Last Friday we launched the new drop of The Sweet Escape during our winterevent with our favourite influencers. The event took place in the beautiful The Anthony Hotel in Utrecht in collaboration with The Green Happiness and Mayke Niestadt.

The Green Happiness

The relaxed day started with a very nice and interesting workshop of The Green Happiness about essential oils. These oils can support your health in a natural way. We learned a lot about how to use them and which ones are best for you to use in a therapeutic and emotional way. It was also possible to test the oils of DoTERRA. Tessa, one of the owners of The Green Happiness, was very enthusiastic about the different possibilities. She paid a lot of personal attention to everyone and answered all the questions. We are big fan and would definitely recommend you this workshop and to try out the products.

Instagram: @thegreenhappiness @the_green_essentials
Website: www.thegreenhappiness.com

Lunch at The Anthony Hotel

After the workshop we had lunch in the lovely restaurant from The Anthony. They took really good care of us by serving a delicious lunch. Besides the good food, the people were very friendly and they made sure everything looked nice and stylish. Furthermore, it’s very nice that The Anthony is a former monastery that has been converted into a beautiful modern design hotel. You can still see certain elements of the monastery in the hotel, combined with the fancy marble tables and cute velvet chairs. You can also see this in the beautiful chapel where we showed our collection later on this day.

Instagram: @theanthonyutrecht
Website: www.theanthony.nl

Mayke Niestadt – Inner beauty retreat

After a delicious lunch provided by the Anthony’s, it was time for a workshop by Mayke Niestadt, who organizes the Inner beauty retreats in Bali and Ibiza. Mayke told us that many people nowadays make decisions with their heads, not with their hearts. It is important to follow your intuition and come to yourself, in this performance society by meditating for example. By doing so, you create peace of mind. You get a lot of stimuli in daily life, which makes a lot of people overstrained. Mayke thinks it’s very important that people listen to their feelings, because you are so much influenced by your brain. The retreats that Mayke organizes are a good response to this. Mayke: “Silence is an amazing way to become aware of our thoughts and patterns, and with awareness comes the ability to change. It also allows you to go deeper into your transformational process.” Mayke asked the girls to close their eyes and visualize three paths. They had to follow the path that gave them the best feeling. Because of this they chose with their hearts. Would you like to know more about the retreats on Bali and Ibiza and when they take place? Then check out their website!

Instagram: @innerbeautyretreat
Website: www.innerbeautyretreat.com

The new collection

During the event, the new collection was launched. The items were exhibited on clothing racks, but there was also a video showing the name of each item. The girls got a card with the items on it, on which they could cross the items they liked. There are a lot of pictures taken of the girls with the new items. It looked so great on them!

The new drop of the winter collection contains a lot of warm, natural colours, like tender taupe and rust red. The colors are nice to combine. Think for example of the flora satin skirt in rust red in combination with the Aurora top in tender taupe filed with the Roan cardigan in oak brown. These beautiful color combinations provide a real winter look. The new bralettes and jewelry are already online, so if you are looking for a nice Christmas present, they are definitely a must! The rest of the new collection will be launched soon, are you already curious? If you want to stay informed about all our new items, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: @moostwanted
Website: www.moostwanted.com