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Ava Belt Short / Necklace Black


  • 45 cm
The necklace consist out of a big pendant and several coins. The coins and pendants knows his origin of Afghanistan and India and are authentic.This is the reason every necklace is authentic, for that reason we aren’t able to offer the exact same necklace as on the picture.
  • Special feature you can wear this necklace, also as a belt.
  • The cord is 1 meter and you choose for beige or black.
  • The part with jewelry is 45 cm.
  • You can wear our belt in your waist or on your hips. If you want to wear it on your hips you have to knot the strap on both sites for it to fit.


Made in: India
Available colors: Beige , Black
Material: Silver/Suede/Metal

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