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Cookies & Privacy

Privacy statement MOOST Wanted

This is a privacy statement from www.moostwanted.com. On this page, we want to let you know which of your personal data will be collected, for what purpose and how we optimize your user experience on our website.  Of course, your personal data is safe by us, we are processing all the data with high security following the rules of the Dutch AVG (Algemene Verordering Gegevensbescherming) from May 25, 2018.

Collected data

- Name
- Delivery address
- Bank account number
- E-mail address
- Phone number
- IP address

The use of your data
The data called above is used for the next purposes:

- To inform you about your placed order
- To create a good customer service for you
- For marketing purpose
- To keep our website up to date
- To create a closed agreement with you

We don’t use your personal data for other purposes than called above, or we have named this in advance. We will never sell your data to third parties.

Retention period
MOOST Wanted keeps your personal data as long as the company exist unless it is mentioned other or when there is a request to oblivion.

Your personal rights concerning personal data
- You have the right to make your data ‘forgotten’
- You have the right to insight the data we collect from you
- You have the right to add or change your personal data

If we can help you with one of the above called rights, you can always contact us at [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible (mostly between 2-3 workdays).

Our sites uses ‘Cookies’. We collect data during your visit on our website to get a better insight in our customers, so we can align our products and services. The collected data is for intern use and gives us rapports of the use of the website and the activity. As a webshop we have the right to use cookies if they are needed for an optimal website use. Of course, we ask your permission to use the cookies during you website visit.

Temporarily & permanent Cookies

We make a difference between the two types of cookies. The permanent cookies are used for automatic loading of your personal data, because of this you don't need to fill in all your data each time you visit our website.

Temporarily cookies are there for the time you are on our website and not longer. They collect data out of the use and behavior that you show us during your visit on our website. This information gives us an insight in among other things, the parts of our website that are visited often, how many people come to our website, often used search terms, populair items and so on. We use Google Analytics to measure this data.

Turn of your Cookies

Of course, you are not obligated to visit our website with the use of cookies. In your personal browser settings, you can change the use of cookies or refuse them at all. Keep in mind that our website is maybe not working that optimal as you are used from us, without cookies.


We offer a newsletter if you are interested to be informed about our products, events, upcoming sales and services. You can sign in by using your e-mail address, by doing this you give us permission to add you to our members list and use your e-mail address for informative purposes.


We try to keep this page up to date for you and implement any kind of amendments.


If your have any question, feedback, suggestions or complaints about our privacy & cookie policy or anything else, you can reach us by e-mail at [email protected]

MOOST Wanted B.V., November 2020