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MOOST Wanted is available in many stores in the Netherlands. We have highlighted a few stores for you. Are you curious about the shops where you can shop our items? Then read on. It’s definitely worthwhile to visit these stores!

Dautzenbergstraat 18b
6411 LB Heerlen

YV-KE was founded by mother Yvonne and daughter Kelian. Together they run a beautiful fashion store in the heart of Heerlen. Yvonne has always had a passion to dress people and always wants to stand behind the clothes herself before she can sell them. Together they make sure that every woman from Heerlen and surroundings looks well dressed every day. From clothing to shoes and accessories, a nice and affordable outfit you will find at YV-KE! A lot of MOOST Wanted items can be found in the beautiful store of YV-KE!



Rozengracht 231
1061 NA Amsterdam

In the centre of Amsterdam on the Rozengracht you will find Ibizamode. In addition to their cool clothing, you will also find beautiful interior collections inspired by the lovely island of Ibiza. You will find the latest collections including accessories with a gypsy touch. Bags with fringes, silver jewelry, scarves with nice prints, boots, there’s almost everything you’re looking for. Feel like a true urban & modern nomad in the cool gypsy styles of MOOST Wanted. Visit the store and shop all MOOST Wanted items at Ibizamode!


Minrebroederstraat 23
3512 GS Utrecht
You will definitely love this great boutique and coffee bar in Utrecht. The Utrecht sisters Maaike (19) and Marieke (26) missed a clothing store in Utrecht where you can also go for a go cup of coffee. That’s why they started this coffee boutique themselves! You can shop and drink coffee in the same room, really great! The interior looks amazing and all clothing, jewelry and interior items all fit together. If you are going shopping in Utrecht, go and visit Minre and shop the best outfits!


Meddosestraat 5
7101 CS Winterswijk

Kklup is the shop for the coolest interior and fashion trends in the east of the Netherlands. They like to show you their view on fashion and lifestyle by combining contemporary homegrown items with the Scandinavian style. The shop is perfectly decorated with the nicest seating areas and the finest sofas, just sit down and get inspired. To make the world a little better, Kklup also sells many products that are produced in a sustainable way. They have a wide range of clothing and jewelry and also MOOST Wanted you can score here!


Kerkstraat 32
2042 JG Zandvoort

Boho chic stands for a way of life and the clothes you prefer to wear. It stands for the romantic, elegant, spiritual and free woman. All these aspects will be reflected in the carefully selected fashion and accessory collection.

Bohemian Chic, often abbreviated to ‘Boho-Chic’, is a clothing style that is characterized by its bohemian and hippie-like influences. The Bohemian style look has been extremely popular at various summer festivals for some time now, but is no longer just a fashionable party outfit, you’ll also find the look on the streets. At Bohochic you will find the Bohemian as well as the Chic aspects in the carefully selected fashion and accessory offer.  If the bohemian style suits you well, you should definitely take a look here.

Instagram: @bohochiczandvoort
Website: www.bohochic-fashion.com

Snellestraat 12
5211 EN ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The collection of Karakter consists of original lifestyle and home accessories with cosmopolitan influences. Karakter sells authentic, colorful and special products that inspire and give a good feeling. Selected with care and often manufactured in an honest way with awareness of the environment, people and society. Karakter loves sustainable and handmade products, because they believe that mass production rarely expresses your own personality and usually does not fit in the atmosphere of your home. Are you looking for nice home accessories or a completely styled outfit? Make sure you shop at Karakter!

Instagram: @karakter_denbosch
Website: www.karakter-denbosch.nl

Strawinskiplein 18
3161 WG Rhoon

Style Depot is a trendy fashion store in the center of Rhoon. Style Depot has edgy, tasteful clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories for today’s women, who want something different. The collection is updated every week. When you walk into the shop there is a relaxed atmosphere. The shop is decorated with sturdy leather facsimile and sturdy scaffolding wood. You should definetly take a look in this store!

Instagram: @style_depot

Are you already excited about the stores? Make sure to visit them. We also have other shops where MOOST Wanted items are available. https://www.moostwanted.com/sales-points