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The first drop of the new fall/winter collection is now available online and in stores! The collection is full of items that will keep you warm on the colder days. What can you expect? Satin dresses, skirts and tops, knitted cardigans and a real MOOST-Wanted t-shirt! The perfect items to make you look beautifull in the winter.

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Hey sister

Open your eyes, don’t you see

How this comfortable life is slowly killing you?

Don’t you remember, despite how small

Your place amongst it all, is on this earth?


You didn’t came into this world

You came out of it

As a leaf, fallen from a tree

You are as a wave in the ocean

A tiny but significant part of the whole

You are part of something far greater

Than you can ever envision

When your world moves too fast

Melt with all colours of the sunset

Walk barefoot in a meadow field

Get your fingers in the soil

Swim naked in a river

Build a campfire

Pick berries

Hike alone in the wild

Sleep on the ground

Find yourself in appreciation of life

It can be so simple

Don’t you know, it is about the little things

The ones that are priceless

Recall the feeling

Of laying with your back on the grass

And making shapes with the clouds in the sky?

When was the last time

You felt the way the air changes

In the minutes before it rains 

Did you ever

Raised up to meet the sky

Spend the night with infinity? 

Promise me

You’ll always be this free

Willing to lose everything

To keep it 

 Your Sweet Escape is waiting sister

There is a world out there

Where everything has its own time

Its own rhythm 

I meet you there